Falmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

A view of Windsor Nova Scotia from Falmouth CIRA 1950

Viewing Windsor, the Gateway to the Annapolis Valley from Falmouth, 1950

The Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia

The Valley today, viewed from the Lookoff

Welcome to Lilies from the Valley

!!! Giving Lilies a chance to GROW again !!!
Oriental and Asiatic previously cut, commercially grown bulbs

Also check out the selection of Tulips shown after the Lilies

Tracey, the "Lily Lady" invites you to enjoy these Lilies at a price that will enable
you to have a lily garden that will be the envy of gardeners everywhere

* Only for sale in Canada at this time, sorry *

Oriental and Asiatic previously cut commercially grown bulbs

Things you should know

Those wishing to pay by Cheque or MO please go to the payment page for details

Tracey wants to apologize to anyone who has asked a question via email
She has had computer problems but should be back on line soon.
You may wish to submit your question again



   *  Asiatic lilies command a price of at least $3.99 or more per bulb, a $47.88 value!
   *  Oriental lilies command a top price of at least $5.99  up to $15.99 or more per bulb in some stores!

A $71.88 to $191.88 value!

How can the price be so low?

*Please Note*

The bulb stock is from previously harvested  and are commercially grown for the cut flower trade. Since the bulbs have been grown for one season and the flower including 2/3 rds of the stock harvested, these bulbs are NOT your first quality bulbs that you would receive from many catalogue companies.
  They may sleep for a couple of months but will flower the first year.  The flower, though  will not have as many blooms as prepared and vernalized bulbs. First year  planting may  make the bloom time  late depending on time of  initial planting. Size of bloom will be any where from 1-3 buds, subsequent years the bloom count will rise. If you have 'blind' shoots do not worry they are re charging for next year. If they do not come up the first year or are late please be patient. I have 4 year bulbs in the gardens that have 20-40 blooms.  You should see my 17 year old bulbs!

Hope to link to my photo page soon. 
I have won awards for my specimens and arrangements that include my lilies..In one or two growing 
seasons you may also have  the wonderful lilies I do.

What is Vernalization?
Vernalization is the cold preparation a bulb (and most temperate plants)  goes through to ensure a good  bud is 'set' within the bulb. To make sure it will flower after the right temperature , water and seasonal light requirements are met. Not all the bulb stock has been vernalized. Especially after April, at present the in house stock is given normal winter conditions for at least two months  at 40-50 F  or lower.
 After April, fridge requirements at the greenhouse are not always available to me. Even though a bulb is not vernalized, it will still bloom. Albeit later in the season and have anywhere from 1-3 blooms. In following years after normal and natural cold spells your lilies will be spectacular!
These lilies will provide exciting colour and offer fragrance to any

Grows in zones 3-9  Full sun to partial shade.
Normal bloom time :

Asiatic's are June through July ~ Orientals are from July to August and sometimes into Sept. Depending on the  month you first plant the bulbs your  first year planting bloom time may be later then stated. Asiatics take 2.5 months from planting to bloom time and Orientals take 3 months from planting to bloom.

Please note. 
Because of a very busy spring and early summer 
"The Lilly Lady" is temporally sold OUT. Inventories are expected to be replenished shortly but as of July 12 shipments can't be made as promised.

Fall specials for lilies

 Tigerplay ,Nova Scotia and a mix. 
Asiatic Special in quantities of 
36 (3 Dozen) for $20

Tiber, Yelloween, Sorbonne 
Oriental Special quantities of 
36 (3 Dozen) for $20 
Don't forget your Gift Certificates for Birthdays & Holiday gift giving for those hard to purchase friends and family! 
Gift certificate is valid for one year from the date of purchase. 
An  Electronic gift certificate code will be emailed to the 
as proof of sale . The giftee will have a certificate sent in a 'money' type card and instructions for redemption. 
When purchasing a gift certificate is is a good idea to email the giftee's full mailing address. 

I have Gift Certificates  in any amount you would wish to give in multiples  $10 dollars.
Gift certificates button is at the end of the lily list. 
No Tax!! 

!!!! Bonus !!!!
With a total purchase over $50 you will get an extra dozen lilies sellers choice
 With a total purchase over $100 
you will get 3 dozen 
 * before shipping cost is added*

!!!! Free !!!!

 You may also use the view cart button at any time at the end of the on line catalogue.

For further information
please contact us at by using the email link below or the form.
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Please read before ordering

Please email me with your wish list or requests.  Do not use the shopping cart as it will place and charge for stock that is not in inventory at certain time.  Please notice that next to the photo of the lily will be an IN STOCK or OUT OF STOCK notice. When you see those it means exactly that.  If you wonder why we do not turn the OUT of STOCK bulb's "BUY NOW" buttons off ,it is easier to keep the shopping cart buttons open rather then to keep switching them to the off position. When within a week they could be back in stock.

 News and Tips for the Fall
If you would like to view any of the earlier tip go to 
What a season that just flew by.
If your like me it was not a long enough gardening season.
You see what you would have done differently with your plants in your outdoor living spaces
What you would have done differently to avoid pesky animals 4 and 2 legged ok winged as well
from invading you personal space...

For the first time in YEARS I had deer thinking I had an open salad bar...
and they were either brazen or just plain stupid.... I could almost touch some of them.
I wove a string trap around my veggie patch  to confuse and annoy them ,as the greenhouse wasn't up this year one thing I plan to do for next year  - 
for the most part they left my lilies alone but the hosta's got quite a few haircuts
I know they have to eat too, but heck there is lots out there for them to eat...I am in  a semi-rural area .
They think it is just convenient for them to dine at my posh salad bar.

Going to work on that one problem for next year.

Planning on trying for an OPEN garden next year on two separate weeks for the asiatic and oriental lilies will keep you all apprised of that.
I also have large shipments going to university's in the spring for  Celebration of Life programs  please inquire if your organization has some thing similar... I need at least 2-4 weeks notice for these events , wedding - favours or function as I need time to either dig and clean  or order in the bulbs. If you are looking for a specific variety of lily please email as
their may be a chance of getting them in.

I now have tulips as well on my website and with luck will have gladiolas for sale at least until a certain time of year as it would take a certain amount of time to grow those before the frost sets in .

 Thinking of some other types of lilies like pot (also known as Pixie) large 'tree lilies' like Triumphator  and ornamental grasses.
Also some other types of bulbs. like mini calla or freesia's ,love to hear your feed back   Would love to see and share your photos too!
find me at 

Now for Tips 

Remember it is best to remove debris from the gardens (lily stalks  should be brown) only if they will come out of the ground with a slight tug .Do not heave the stalk as it will damage the bulb causing a wound that will allow water and bacteria in . 
Best to burn dead and brown debris in an enclosed barrel as it is not open burn season yet. Just in case pests and disease are in that debris.
Will be giving a root and bulb booster fertilizer tomorrow but no later then the end of October . Do not give a fertilizer that will cause new top growth as it will expend the energy that is needed for them to make it through the winter and it may be a bad one I feel....
Just a feeling you know but I am usually right about these things...

Also if making a new bed great time to place news paper or old carpet down to kill the grass as with the snowfall laying on top will kill all that lawn or top layer of green off and make it sooner and easier to get that new bed in next spring!
Have a great fall season!

Lily Bulbs come in two types, scented and unsented. 
Asiatics -LA Hybrids do not have a fragrance and 
Orientals and Oriepets do have a fragrance 
If you are scent sensitive the please aware of this

Times of operation  :
During most weekdays I can be found at home after 5 pm if I am not at a meeting ,  If you are in the province of Nova Scotia and have a garden related event you would like me to attend  for the 2013 year.
 I am booking now as my calendar will become full. I will need to book time off of work  so I may attend as many events as I may book. 
Garden conventions, expos and  community events as well as flower shows and exhibitions 

Be different and have a lily show and bulb sale for the Summer

Have some fund -raising to do ??? 

School fundraisers??? 
Now is the time to book in bulk. 

As always if coming to my home please phone to make sure I am home.

Up coming events:
I will be at the Hants County Exhibition in Windsor on Friday , Saturday and Sunday. 
Half dozen bags will be $5 each  buy 3 get one free. 
I will also have $5 flower bouquets as well.

 These bulbs are recycled and the supplies are limited at this time. Will flower again  in the spring but may also surprise you and flower again in the fall the first year planted...plant them and forget them 
 Click to Enlarge in a New Window
 Name & description of the lilies
as in Nova Scotia zone 5b/6
Shopping cart
Sizes, bloom time & special notices
Click here for a larger view
In Stock Mixed Asiatic Lilies
A balanced mix of richly coloured flowers carefully hand selected , gives you multiple long lasting blooms. Hardy and easy to grow. Full sun to part shade.
Sellers choice on mixed lots
  A balanced mix of richly coloured flowers carefully hand selected , gives you multiple long lasting blooms. May not  be same as photo.
Click here for a larger view
In Stock Mixed Oriental Lilies
An incredible display of the largest and most fragrant of all lilies! Glorious hybrids in white and shades of pink add colour to the summer garden when it is most needed. Plant in sun to part shade.
Sellers choice on  mixed lots 
   A balanced mix of richly coloured & highly scented flowers carefully hand selected, gives you multiple long lasting blooms. Bulbs may not be the same as seen in the photo.
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock Acapulco  ORIENTAL 
These lilies will provide exciting colour and offer fragrance to any garden.
Salmon to bright mid- pink. Big blooms with long ruffled petals on tall stems
Grows  3-5 feet by
Click here for a larger view
In Stock
but Limited 
Annika double (Roselily)  oriental 
White with cool green lines (rays) running down 
the center of the petals.. and tiny polka dots of red 
grows 1-3 feet  until anchored well Highly Scented
Normal time to bloom would be July through September if already planted
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock Arabian Red ORIENTAL
Extreme dark pink to red lily depends on the soil ph.
Deep cup with features of a Rialto lily but not white.
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock Baitestero LA Hybrid
Deep Hot pink - large blooms when old enough 
but bulbs are very small right now may take two
seasons to flower
Cost will be $6.00 a dozen until size is up'd
Grows to 4 - 4.5 feet tall
June - July 
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock   Black Out ASIATIC
A deep red that sometimes has a deep orange hue depending on soil conditions, and a deep red that 
is almost black in the center of each petal.
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock   Black Spider ASIATIC
An asiatic lily that reminds me of a dot com. 
Pale creamy yellow  that has a burst of speckles radiating out of the center. The speckles can be 
a chocolate brown 
  Grows approx. 1-4 feet at maximum Rich green foliage as well
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock   Brindisi  La Hybrid 
An Asiatc with medium pink centers fading to the tips a soft pink.  Large textured blooms.
  Stands 3 .5 feet tall   Nice for wedding bouquets
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock    Bourbon Street LA Hybrid asiatic lily
 dark pink to almost a reddish hue depending 
on the soil Creamy satin finish to petals 
Click here for a larger view
Not In stock
   Brunello ASIATIC
Brunello a deeper and richer orange where the
flowers when fully open lay almost flat a very 
strong plant in the garden.
Click here for a larger view
In Stock Ceb Dazzle LA HYBRID
It is a brilliant bright yellow LA Hybrid with narrower petals then Ceb Dazzle. Blooms are not so large or top heavy either. Center is peppered with little black dots just like freckles
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock   Cilestra LA HYBRID
A pale muted orange, like the inside of a Cantaloupe
Perfect in a cutting garden not your typical orange that shouts from a garden
  Blooms in June - July 
1-4 feet
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock Conca d'or  OT ORIENTAL 
Large rounded petals and shallow cup  with two 
tones of yellow... nice aroma and since an OT can with age grow to grand scale..
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock Dimension ASIATIC
but bulbs are very small may take two 
seassons to flower.
Grows to 4- 4.5 feet tall
June- July 
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock    Indian Summerset LA Hybrid asiatic 
Cotton candy pink loose long petals that recurve and almost lay flat very flowing 
normally blooming mid to late June or July depending on the growing season. 
  It grows 3-4 feet tall 
and little or no scent
Click here for a larger view
 In Stock   Kordesa  OrientalBig and ruffled petals with white edges  dark pink almost red rays  with muted pink tone's  and red raised fleshy spots 
in the centers of bloom   highly scented  grows approx 3- 3.5 feet tall  July - Sept
  It rows approx 3- 3.5 feet tall  July - Sept
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock Manissa  OT ORIENTAL 
Large yellow with cream to peach edges  Shallow 
cup and can grow to grand scale.
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock   Mero Star ORIENTAL
Has a narrow petal with is faintly edged in white, turning pink then the ribs are a deep ruddy yet hot pink. Green eye and peppered with fleshy  deep pink speckles
  Grows 2-4 feet tall  Blooms July/August
Click here for a larger view
In Stock Natalia double (Roselily)  ORIENTAL
Reminds me of Sorbonne with the medium soft pink petals and white edges
Dark pink to red polka dots  strewn throughout the petals... with a darker pink ray, grows 1-3 feet until anchored well Highly Scented Normal time to bloom would be July through September if already planted
Click here for a larger view
In Stock Nova Scotia  LA Hybrid
A crisp white that after two days turns a little cream coloured.  Dark freckles are seen in the throats of this bloom
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock   Prato Orange ASIATIC
Bright yet dark large podded buds are not your
usual orange lily.
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock Red Reflex ORIENTAL
Deep satiny alternating narrow and large recurving petals. Bright yellow eye  sometimes due to the soil conditions  the outside of the petals are red deep deep red...and on the inside it is a deep pink with the same deep red running rays down the center of the petal!
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock Rialto  ORIENTAL
A pure white oriental with large ruffled  edged flowers
A very striking white.
Grows 3-4 feet by July/August
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock Royal Present ASIATIC
A bi -coloured lily the edges are a clean crisp deep pink that blends into either a mellow yellow or a 
deep peach. There are raised fleshy dots very close 
to the center.
Grows from 2 - 4 feet
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock Royal Sunset La Hybrid 
It has pink tips and tangerine center , tips darken
to a rich deep pink.
Click here for a larger view
In Stock   Shocking Oriepet
Bright canary yellow with a 'Shocking' red stripe down the center of the petal. Shocking is an oriepet a short lily for a couple of years until settled. May need some staking in windy areas as the blooms are very large and heavy.
Click here for a larger view
In Stock   Sorbonne ORIENTAL
Soft medium pink  with raised fleshy dots at 
the throat and soft white edge around petals
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock Tango.com ASIATIC
Blush pink petals with maroon stippled eye
Quite striking!  Petals are narrow and are wonderful for a difference in the garden
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock   Tango Cappachino ASIATIC
Similar to Black Spider  cream asiatic with a burgundy rust splash in the center eye
Click here for a larger view
In Stock   Tango Tiger Play ASIATIC
A bright canary yellow with burgundy brush marks and speckles radiating from the center of the lily. 
   Grows 1-3.5 feet max that I know of.
A conversation piece.
Click here for a larger view
 In Stock   TiberORIENTAL Similar to Sorbonne but with little dark pink raised fleshy spots on the petals of the lily. a soft to medium pink - highly scented 
  It grows approx. 3 feet tall  July -Sept
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock Val Di Sole LA Hybrid ASIATIC
Gentle cups of bright gold/yellow  which 
almost lay flat huge blooms and looks butter soft
LA Hybrid asiatic normally blooming mid to late 
June or July depending on the growing season. 
Grows 3-4 feet tall 
and little or no scent
Click here for a larger view
Not In Stock Vermeer  ASIATIC
Asiatic with blushing cheeks. Pale pink with a ribbon of paler pink along the edge and a deeper pink giving the effect of a blushing cheek. 
Grows 2-4 feet 
 Blooms June/ July
Click here for a larger view
One of my favorites in the garden as it has  butter yellow colour and depending on growing conditions can be a pale primrose colour
Buds have red blotches on them when they are
getting ready to bloom.
Grows 3-5.5 feet 
Late June through August
  Gift Certificates for those hard to buy for people in multiple denominations of  $10 dollars 
Please remember to add the address and birthday
of the person we are  to send gift certificate to.
Buy any number to
increase the value

We now have a selection of Tulips selling at 13 bulbs for $8.00,
"Sellers choice bakers dozen mix"

13 Bulbs for $8.00


Ile de France
Strong Gold
White Flag


Please note:
Signs with Lilies From The Valley and hours open on my front driveway. When coming in person and coming off the 101 highway. Take exit 7 in Falmouth take a right at the bottom of the off ramp. Go as far as the Petro Canada Gas Station and turn right onto Town Road. There is a sign on the corner you can not miss. During non snow seasons there is also a sign at the bottom of the off
ramp that is quite visible. Take a 2 min drive down Town Rd  until you get to 212 Town Road , you found it.
When coming in person , please call 798-3245 for appointment first as shop hours are not in effect..

What others have to say about the Lily Lady

The Lily Lady goes online

Article online since March 6th 2007, 10:00
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Carla Allen, NovaNewsNOW.COM
Transcontinental Publishing

Tracey Martin of Mount Denson has started a new online business selling recycled Asiatic and Oriental flower bulbs.
The Lily Lady goes online
A Mount Denson gardener has come up with a unique idea for a business that recycles bulbs used for growing cut flowers.
Although these bulbs are perennial, florists cannot afford to wait the three to five months it takes for them to regenerate.

Tracey Martin gives the bulbs a chance to grow again by selling them through her business â€Lilies from the Valley†www.liliesfromthevalley.com", where customers can buy a dozen lily bulbs for $8 to $10.

Martin is the president of the Mount Denson Garden Club. Sheâ€s close to completing a one-year course as a flower and vegetable judge and also freelances as a flower arranger for weddings and other occasions. Sheâ€s also got a home crammed full of houseplants. At one time she counted 500 amongst her collection.

Martin says sheâ€s always been drawn to lilies because of the fragrance of the orientals. In addition to these, she stocks Asiatics.

Visitors can place their name on a waiting list for varieties not yet in stock and a free lily bulb is provided for birthdays.

Lily bulbs are easy to grow says Martin but a few basics must be followed.

â€They do not like wet feet, the bulb will rot,†she said.

The flowers grow in sun or shade but are taller in the latter as they stretch for light. They benefit from phosphate, gypsum, and grow well in humus-enriched soil. Heavy clay tends to stunt the plants.

Martin says she doesnâ€t even bother to amend her soil.

â€I just pop them in and let nature take its course. I don't even water them most of the time. But they put on quite a show,†she said.

The lilies grow well on slopes and hills, but require support if the location is windy. The bulbs like to be shaded and Martin suggests planting vegetation around the bulbs that dies back by the time the lilies bloom in July.

Lily beetles are pests in some areas of the province but this grower says they havenâ€t bothered her yet.

â€I have seen the damage caused by this pest. Not pretty. The larvae are red, kind of like a potato beetle. They can strip the leaves very fast. When you see clusters of 'poop,' the larvae is protecting its self and will pupate in the castings,†she said.

Normally Martin handpicks bugs but with these beetles, she uses a control like Sevin while carefully following the instructions.

Article by Carla Allen, Transcontinental Publishing
Many thanks to Carla
Mike's Backyard Garden
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Some great gardening tip for use in your garden and 
providing information on Organic Gardening
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