Lilies From The Valley
Falmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Things you should know

Services offered

We offer the following services to our customers:

Quantity discounts
Automatic discounts for volume orders.

         We specialize in orders for garden clubs and Non-profit fund-raising

    Ordering for your garden club?  We would like the name and contact information of the club along with club president and secretary. This information will be used only for up coming garden club related events possibly in  your area.  If your club wishes a bulk order either a representative from your club may pick up the order * no shipping or delivery fees apply as the club will assume responsibility or for a nominal fee depending on county, can be delivered in Nova Scotia or arrangements can be made to meet half way*

    For non-profit or schools wishing to use lily bulbs as a form of fundraising, discounts are available. Contact us for more information.
    Garden Club Seminars and events on these products, flower arranging and
    propagation of plants also other topics.
    This is offered within Nova Scotia and traveling and accommodation expense would be extra. 
    Please contact for information.
    Information packs for all in attendance that night/day would be supplied. 
    Product would also be available for purchase. 

    A frequent buyer card is being offered in the local area and is kept on record. With on site purchases Internet orders are automatically recorded when order is processed through check out.
    * Going through the shopping cart check out will ensure there is an order number to refer to for guarantee and frequent buyer program. *

    * When  shopping in person an order number will be generated and recorded.*


    For extremely large bulk orders from Municipalities, Towns, Cities and profitable organizations parks etc...please notify as shipment may be trucked  by your own service or  by a courier service of your choice if you so wish. *Buyer then assumes the shipping cost and any fees associated with shipping responsibility, not the seller. Also, if damage occurs due to neglect, theft or incident upon the individuals shipping the product, the seller is not responsible.*
    Referral program

    Wouldn't everyone like A FREE LILY BULB on your birthday? So please include
    birthday with your information in the shopping cart. Seller's choice.
    Gift Certificates / Vouchers for those hard to buy for people in multiple denominations
    of $10 dollars. Please remember to add address and birthday of
    person we are  to send gift certificate to.
    (Ship to another address area)
    Please remember shipping and handling charges will be added to Gift Certificate. 

    Reserving  lily bulbs in pre book orders  for bulbs not yet in stock. It could take some bulbs
    3 or more months to be in stock. 
    Substitution of bulbs similar to ones ordered is one consideration check appropriate box.

    The shipping  cost is determined by weight and size of the parcel, set containers are used as is size of order.  A flat fee with increments associated with that province's price rate is in effect. 
    Please contact to view shipping rates to your province.

    If shipping price is higher then actual cost,  extra bulbs will be sent of same variety.  Or we will send a credit voucher for the difference in price to be used on next purchase.  Shipments are only up to 30 kg. each so you may have more then one box depending on your order. There is insurance included in rates.
    There is a flat fee  for handling, packaging and processing  applied  to all orders.
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Future plans include Calla lilies and other bulbs along with  perennials and grasses.

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Guarantee: Upon delivery we ask you to inspect your bulbs immediately.
If any of our bulbs appear to be in unsatisfactory condition, please contact as soon as possible. Bulb  condition may be normal for that variety.  The size of lily bulbs can vary greatly depending on the types of bulbs and breeding background.
We are not responsible for any bulb loss due to circumstances beyond our control.
Should the bulbs not flower after the second year, please contact us.
Proof of purchase is required.


Webmaster John MacDonald